Named after Pan, the ancient god of the wild, shepherds, and flocks, Protect Alpine Nature (PAN) embodies the spirit of guardianship over nature's untamed beauty and diversity. Aligning with the Greek meaning of the prefix "pan-", which signifies "all" or "every", our name reflects our goal to establish a truly pan-Alpine network. We are committed to protecting and preserving the remaining wilderness areas and combating the challenges posed by overdevelopment and climate change.

Our Vision

Our core commitment is to protect the natural beauty, ecological diversity, and unspoiled landscapes of the Alps. We aim for the Alpine region to remain a symbol of environmental health and a high quality of life for future generations. This will be achieved through practical protection efforts and sustainable practices.

Our Mission

Guided by our vision, we dedicate ourselves to fostering a strong, united front for the Alps' protection. Our mission is to bring together NGOs, citizen initiatives, and environmental organizations within a dynamic, collaborative network. By doing so, we amplify our collective impact, ensuring the Alpine region's natural beauty, biodiversity, and untouched landscapes are safeguarded. Together, we create a unified force, poised to advocate for and enact the preservation and protection of the Alpine region, making it a priority for present and future stakeholders alike.


Our member organizations are:

  • Aktionsgemeinschaft Malfon
  • Alpenverein Sektion Zillertal
  • aufstehn.at
  • Bürgerinitative Feldring
  • Climbers for Future
  • Comitato Tutela Devero
  • Heimatpflegeverband Südtirol
  • Mountain Wilderness Deutschland e.V.
  • Naturpark Karwendel
  • Nosc Cunfin
  • Osttirol Natur
  • Patagonia Europe
  • POW Austria
  • WeMove Europe
  • WET – Wildwasser erhalten Tirol


Joining our network is voluntary and non-binding, with no obligations attached. Members are free to leave at any time, ensuring flexibility and autonomy in participation. If you want to join the PAN network send us an email at: contact@protectalpinenature.eu or fill out our application form below.