Day for the Protection of the Alps

The annual "Day for the Protection of the Alps" emerged from a collaborative initiative by the citizens' group Feldring, Protect Our Winters Austria (POW), and the civil society campaign organization #aufstehn.

Now, as a vital part of the Protect Alpine Nature network, members collectively dedicate this day to orchestrating various actions and events each year. It's a day when member organizations unite to intensify awareness, spark dialogue, and catalyze action, making an impactful statement about the importance of preserving the Alpine environment.


The "Day for the Protection of the Alps" aims to:

  • International Awareness: Highlight the precarious situation of nature in the Alps to an international audience.
  • Consciousness for Nature: Foster a new awareness of the value of intact natural landscapes.
  • Legislative Action: Advocate for binding legal provisions in the Alpine countries to ensure long-lasting protection.

To reach these objectives, our strategy includes:

  • Networking: Connecting NGOs and citizen initiatives (BIs) across all Alpine countries.
  • Joint Actions: Coordinating collective efforts and campaigns to amplify our message.
  • Influencing Policy: Engaging with local, regional, national, and EU decision-makers to advocate for change.

Each year, we aim to set a new thematic focus.

Get Involved

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